Monday, November 24, 2008

Date with Ikea

"Date with IKEA" literally. Pavement and imeem agreed to a funny/goofy promotion where a lucky winner will get to spend a day with a member or Pavement at an Ikea. This is a buzz effort to promote the expanded edition of Pavement's fourth LP Brighten the Corners. Yep, its real but it still hasnt been announced who the member will be...

Here's some more info Pitchfork

Here is Streaming "Date with Ikea" Courtesy of Pitch

There is also an entire Matador Fall '08 sampler. A Pavement song included "Cataratcs".
Download that here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Albums/Bands/Songs

Finally, a new post, plus a Taco. Yes.

My busy work season is almost over and the holidays are approaching which I'm pretty happy about. I saw Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks last week in Lawrence, KS. Blitzen Trapper was the opening band. Great show and great know who you are. I also ran my first marathon since my last post so I'm pretty much a bad ass now. And more importantly, Obama was elected into office which means America voted the right way and things are already happening (even before hes taken office).

So, what have I been listening too the last few weeks? Some different stuff. Mainly some 'ol fashion indie rock and just some regular indie pop too. Here goes:

This first jewel is from a band named Sunset. The key member from Sunset is from Sound Team out of Austin, Bill Baird. Sound Team broke up last year and I was kind of bummed about it but then discoverd Mr. Baird has been doing some solo stuff and Sunset stuff for a little bit. There are 3 albums that I'm aware is Bright Blue Dream (released in March '08), Glowing City (released in July '08) but a new album called Pink Clouds..(A variety of recordings that come together as an album. Produced on clear pink cassettes with handmade covers. only 100 copies). This band is a music factory. Here are some tracks from each of the mentioned albums. Check out the song Loveshines, it could have easily made The Virgin Suicides soundtrack. Not sure why but it has the sound..kind of like the song from Air in that movie. Dominate it.

Sunset- Loveshines.mp3 (Pink Clouds)
Sunset- Man's Heart Complaint.mp3 (Bright Blue Dream)
Sunset- Twenty Four Karat Soul.mp3 (The Glowing City)

Next is a Swedish band called "Love is All". There new album actually just came out this Tuesday. I like what I've hear. Very raw sounds, and I started to jump in and call them another 80's type band but thats a weak and easy statement to make. They almost have more of a late 70's punk sound, but thats also easy and weak. At times the singer Josephine Olausson voice can push your ear drums to the limit but it grows on you and then you want more. Weird. Couple of songs here. Movie Romance and Sea Sick from the album- A Hundred Things Keep Me Up.

Love Is All- Movie Romance.mp3 (A hundred things)
Love Is All- Sea Sick.mp3 (A hundred things)

Finally, this last band's album, Little Joy (self titled) came out last week, Big news is- one of the band members is from The Strokes. It's Fabrizio Moretti, which should be a fake name. I like the Strokes....even though they've lost their cool over the years, just because i guess. No real back up as to why but i still like them. I think they make good music and its always fun to revisit. This album is very good, its a little more laid back than a Strokes record and has some tropical-ness to it. This is probably because one of the other members is a very well known Brazilian indie rocker guy named Rodrigo Amarante (from Los Hermanos). Also, multi-instrumentalist named Binki Shapiro is in the band. Overall, good album, two tracks from this album.

Little Joy- Brand New Start.mp3 (Little Joy)
Little Joy- Keep Me In Mind.mp3 (Little Joy)

I'll try to post more stuff soon. All songs are streaming in the WHITE BOX to your right for a limited time. Thanks a million.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Stuff Sunday

Some interesting music out there as usual. The new Kings of Leon "Only By The Night" has been out for sometime but I'm just now getting around to it. I really enjoyed the first two singles "Crawl" and "Sex on Fire". They both seemed to have less of that classic rock sound but more stadium rock as did Because of the Times. I'm convinced this band can add little dashes of any genre and make it sound genuine and natural. Its hard to choose a favorite off this album as I like all of them. The first track "Closer" (Download below) is one that sticks out to me right now.

Next, Vampire Weekend. I really enjoyed their self title release from earlier in the year but hadnt given it much more thought until this past week when I saw their new single "Ottoman" (Download below) which is featured in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist starring Michael Cerra. I really like this song, it could easily have been on their debut album and maybe was a B-side. Anyway, I wonder how this movie will be? I'm a big Cerra fan but I'm a little skeptical about this movie for some reason.

Finally, an album that was completely off my radar and I just stumbled upon it late this week. The Sea and Cake released Car Alarm. I've still been enjoying Everybody which was released May '07. This Chicago band never seems to disappoint, they can instantly bring a smile to a frowny face. Several favorites off this one but I've posted my ultimate faves- "On a Letter" and "Weekend" (Download Below) for the time being. I'll try to post more but its the busy season for me at work.

Have a good week everybody... All songs are below or you can listen in the White Box to the Right. TBY.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sir Blogalot


A full month...

Its been a full month since my last post which is lame. I've been busy and havent been making time to blogalot or at all.

A lot of things happen in a month-

-Russia invaded Georgia
-DNC- Obama / Biden rocked the house
-RNC- McCain / Palin talk tough...awesome.
-Best friend Shane got married
-I've been running a lot. Ran- 15, 17 and 18 miles.
-McCain went up in the polls
-The stock market crashed.
-Obama is now up

Here is what I've been listening to.

Ra Ra Riot-
These kids are pretty good. I liked the EP but the full length is very good as well. cut and dry melody driven indie pop. Yeah!

Blitzen Trapper-
I've been a little obsessed with these guys and I'm excited for this album to come out. The first single Furr is great but I really like Black River Killer and Gold for Bread. These guys are playing several shows with Malkmus.

Streaming songs from both artists in the White Box.
More to come soon to you sooon......

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fleet Foxes

I didnt want to like this band, I had heard so much about them and thought it was a bunch of Pitchfork leg humpers claiming they had found the holy grail. I had tried to listen to them once before, but I was either in the wrong mindset or just not listening properly. It happens from time to time, but I gave it another try and I do really like this album.

It's folky, wolf snuggling, mountain climbing (not in a North Face kind of way), tree hugging and Fox tickelingly good. Robin Peckhold is a great songwriter and has a great voice and when the harmonies kick in this band sounds a little like My Morning Jacket at times. I wouldnt say their music sounds much like that as its more of rugged classical jamboree.
Excellent write up from NPR (does this band more justice than my post) and full live concert if you have time right HERE

These guys are currenty on tour and a few shows with Wilco. Unfortunatley, no KC tour dates in the near future scheduled.

Streaming are a few songs off their self-titled album. They are-
"He Doesnt Know Why"
"Ragged Wood"
"White Winter Hymnal"

Tour Dates / Shows
Aug 4 2008
CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman playing Blue Ridge Mtns. What. The. Fuck.
Sell-outsburg, NY
Aug 7 2008
Aug 8 2008
Aug 9 2008
Aug 10 2008
Aug 18 2008
Aug 20 2008
EAGLE KNOLL WINERY w/ WILCO (How did we get here, seriously, what is going on)
Aug 21 2008
INB ARTS CENTER W/ WILCO !!! (Still flabbergasted)
Aug 23 2008
LES SCHWAB AMPHITHEATER W / WILCO !!!! (Shock, disbelief)
Sep 6 2008
Sep 17 2008
Back ’round the US of A
Sep 21 2008
Oct 24 2008
Coming back to UK & EU!
Old world
Oct 28 2008
Oct 29 2008
Oct 30 2008
Oct 31 2008
Nov 2 2008
Nov 5 2008
Nov 7 2008
Nov 8 2008
Nov 9 2008
Nov 10 2008
Nov 11 2008
Nov 12 2008
More dates abroad to follow.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Maps and Atlases

Maps and Atlases released a 5 song EP earlier this month titled "You and Me and the Mounatain" and I wish it would've been an LP. I get that EP's are extended singles but with a band like M&A I want more.

Their 2006 debut album "Trees, Swallows, Houses" is progressive and a little Math Rock but the songs still have that human feel which is hard to achieve when you're playing songs as "Mathy" or as structured as theirs. Maps and Atlases play songs that are technical yet organic which is what the band set out to do when they joined, I think their debut and the new EP represents this very well.

The new album is a bit poppier which is good and Dave Davison vocals sound much better than I remember. Now I'm excited to here more from this young, talented, "mathy" group. Sp, bring on the LP and the kick ass math equations....I have a bad ass calculator and I'm adequate at Excel.

Here is the band playing live- "Everyplace is a House" from '06 Trees, Swallaws, Houses. Its not the most amazing live performance and as you'll see his voice is a little off/weak at times but the music is so good its forgivable.

Here is that song via M&A web, there are also two new tracks and two old (including this one) streaming in the white box.......yes!
Maps and Atlases- Everyplace Is a House.mp3

Monday, July 14, 2008

Blitzen Trapper

Wild Mountain Nation would probably be filed under one of the best of '07 if I had listened sooner. Here is a video from that album (same name) and a couple off this album are streaming to the box in the top right.

I love the classic rock feel of this song.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Songs...

Apparently I'm a mix addict as of late. A real mixer of songs, if you will.

I dont know if they're truly mixtapes since they're not full length, but rather than bore the few readers out there and myself with a full 10-12 mix, i think its good to keep it to 5-7 songs. Since its a summer Friday I thought it would be good to post some easy going songs, a few ambient ones, and a few that are good for a Friday / Saturday summer day. Give it a listen. These 6 songs will be in the top white box to the Right...and there are still 3 Beck tracks off the new album below this mix (now a total of 4 if you look real hard).

Back to work for me.

1. Blonde Redhead- Silently
This album (23) is one of the best of 2007 and I wish I would've talked about it more but its never too late I guess.

2. The Republic Tigers- Made Concrete
I was late to game on this group. I'd heard about them but just never was grabbed by them until a friend who's musical taste i really respect pointed them out. After listening to the full album I was convinced. These guys are just another example of the great (and often times verlooked) talent in Kansas City / Lawrence. Such a great pool of talent here.

3. Francis International Airport- Words on Logs
Just a download earlier in the week from an online banner advertisement. Thats right,the advertisement grabbed my attention. Usually I disregard them but this one looked so organic and legit that I went for it and found a decent song out of it.

4. Ratatat- Bruleè
I got to keep the ambience going and this New York duo will always do that. This is one of their new songs off of LP3. Great album, great band, great song. Try not to smile when this is playing

5. Beck- Orphans
Okay, okay. I'm humping Beck right now...i already blogged about him two days ago but I really like this album and yes this might now fall exactly into the "ambient category" but it at least has its foot in the ambience pool...dont you think?

6. Dr. Dog- Old Days
I'm really into these guys and how they're able to keep a 60's pop but still make it fresh. I dont think they're in no way a 60's rip off band but just fans of that time and very talented.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Modern Guilt

Beck's latest album came out yesterday and I've got to say I'm pleasently surprised. I wasnt a monster fan of Guero, in fact liked the 4 Bit-Rate remixes that came out before Guero better than the actual album itself. Modern Gulit grabbed me right away, maybe it was just timing, me looking for a change or something new, but nonetheless it happened. This is an artist that never should seize to amaze, he can really do no wrong. A few of my favorite tracks so far are Youthless and Replica. Youthless is as straight forward of a funky bass line as you can get (i hate using the word "funky" too because, well...its a ridiculous word) but I dont care and I'm not ashamed to say i love the song right now.

Next is Replica, its a little all over the board at first listen but makes complete sense after a couple of listens and actually starts to become "pretty" within all the madness of the crashing bass thumps and bumps. Thats right, I said it...pretty.

Also, i dont want to leave out Gamma Ray, song #2 on the album, it takes me back to the High School days of Odelay mixed with a dash of Mutations.

Check 'em out in the White box to the right.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Fourth of July

A few songs to get you in the mood to pop some fireworks, grill a couple of hot dogs, and pound some American brew, none of that import crap either.

Happy Fourth of July weekend.

Disclaimer...these songs are not taking the place of the '08 Summer Mix.

All Songs streaming in the White Box (top Right)

1. Summertime- DJ Jazzy & Fresh Prince
2. Summer- Modest Mouse
3. It's Summertime- The Flaming Lips
4. Gorgeous Summer Jogging- Islands
5. Summer Babe- Pavement
6. Summer Days- Phoenix
7. Heavy Metal Drummer- Wilco

Friday, July 4, 2008

Lets not Forget about the French.....revisited

Below is from a post I made last summer around this time. I love this country and am ready to see some major Changes for the better in the next year. Go Obama!

Still want to point out the French thing see...below

On the topic of Independence Day, I thought it would be appropriate to give a shout out to the French. Many people regard the French as being rude or too proud, even folks who have never set foot in the country.

I think this. There are polite people and rude people. Different cultures behave differently, maybe French just keep to themselves a little more. Yes they're are a proud country and they should be. We're a proud country too. Yes, the French do expect visitors to try and speak their language. (that sounds very familiar)

My point is......we should always stay in good company with the French. They were good pals when were trying to become a country. Its partly because of France that we are a country today. They had a Navy, and they defeated the British at the Battle of Chesapeake. The British surrendered at the next battle (Yorktown) because of this.

Sorry about the silly rant. So, what the hell does this have to do with music?

Well, what better way for you to give our French friends a high five then by listening to some French artists. There is no better way.

On a sidenote, I looked and looked for a song by Gerard Depardieu but couldnt find anything. Instead I had to settle for Phoenix, Stereolab, and The French Kicks.
The French Kicks are in no way from France but they have French in their name and I really enjoy them. Besides, you can't give the French all the credit.

Give me some feedback. Did I come on to aggressive?

The French Kicks - So Far We Are

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Really into John Vanderslice today. Particular these two tracks-
Tablespoon of Codeine & The Minaret. Both are beautiful.

Both streaming in white box to the right.

Working on a 4th of July mix...hopefully it will be ready by the 4th.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Great Northwest

The kind folks at The Kora Records sent over a press kit and album for The Great Northwest (out of Portland, OR). The album, The Widespread Reign of the Great Northwest is due out July 29th and is led by a gentleman named Brian Coates (interesting bio).

The album is spacey, mellow, eerie at times and occaisonally has a faint familar sound of the Dandy Warhol's slower stuff. Note, album was mixed at the DW's oddotorium in Portland and Peter Holmström or (Loew), the DW's guitarist is also featured on this album.

The lead single should grab your attention and is even hypnotizing at times (in a great way). So, do yourself a favor...grab a beer and listen to the lead single here- Chief John.
Its also streaming in the top box to the right.

One of my favorite songs from this album so far is titled "Know What I mean". Its a crunchy yet melodic tune that reminds me a little of Grandaddy's Am180. Listen here- Here

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Joggers (New Songs)

A few songs from the Joggers' Tour Only CD have been floating around and I'm glad to say I've finally got my mits on a couple. Also, there is a pretty interesting interview with the Joggers, courtesy of Funeral Pudding out of Austin.

I've posted multiple times about this group and each time I listen to these guys or hear something new it always surprises me that they're not more popular and even a bit frustrating, but hopefully this year or next year they will get the attention they deserve or find a label that is a good match. Pure talent from everyone in this quartet.

The two songs I speak of are streaming in the top box to the right.
The First is- "Talking at Keith"
The Second is- "Top O the Cat"

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Montage to myself

Below is a video assignment for Work and is titled "Montage to Myself"

We were asked to make a video and post it to youtube, then our blog. "Montage to Myself" is random pictures of myself that I had on my computer.

The song is by White Denim- "Sitting"which can also be heard on the recent Gare Bear Sounds '08 Summer Mix

Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer '08 Mix

Since Memorial Day I've been trying to complete my Spring / Summer '08 mix, but now that I've finished its June and time to drop the Spring. I love listening to and creating mix tapes oh so much but they take a while for me to craft and never sound the same in the end as they began.

Even though its summer time this isnt necessarily your summer dance mix, in fact it starts a little slower and easy listening like, but if you're patient and let each song play out you'll hopefully be snapping your fingers midway through so dont worry it has its fair amount of pop as well.

FAQ section:
What time would this mix be good for?
Saturday....late afternoon heading into the evening before placing steak on the grill

What type mood should i be in when listening to this?

What to drink with this mix?
Zon or a summer or white ale for Beer. Pinot Grigio for wine

Now to the mix:
There are 11 tracks on this mix and it runs slightly under 40 minutes so its an extremely easy listen. While putting this together I went up to 15 tracks, but they werent fitting and I was just starting to add new songs i liked but had to hold back because it was getting to be convoluted and all over the board. Not all of these songs are brand new either- 4 are from 2008, 4 are from 2007, 2 from 2006 & 1 from 2005.

Without further delay here is the Summer mix. Feel free to download each song by- Right Clicking, "Save Target As". This will also be streaming in the Music box to the right if you're not into downloading this.

I've talked about him before and mentioned I really like his solo album. This song is beginning to make its way into movie trailers and commercials.

A recent summer favorite that is calm, but also has something very powerful midway through especially at the end..

Reminds me of an old 60's outlaw song....running in the summer heat from the law in a comfortable cadiallac.

Blends nicely with the two songs around it and what a better song for those summer road trips. I kind of like Tourist Traps.

Beautiful nostalgic song. This song felt right to swing the mood upwards. At the 2 minute mark it turns colorful and pushes the rest of the songs in that direction.

Picks up okay from Beiruts "Postcards" Starting to become one of my favorite songs of the year

I like this song off their latest album and it could almost go anywhere but it makes for a tastey White Denim & Midlake sandwich
This is an older song but I've always liked it and it fits nice as the 'ol 8 hole.

This band continues to impress me. This is a Architecture of Helsinki cover, but I actually like their take of the song better

Jack White gets most of the credit for the Raconteurs, but Brendan as a writer and musician adds his pop to the group. Here's a song from his 2005 solo album

I cant get tired of this song. Each time i hear it i enjoy it, it makes for a nice ending to a summer mix

I hope you enjoy and get as much pleasure as i did creating this. I'd love to hear any thoughts or areas that you enjoy. Please also send any songs you dont feel fit or should be in a different order. I'm curious to hear.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

More Ratatat

A third song is available from the upcoming LP3, this is a great song. As i mentioned earlier, I like the first two songs posted on Thursday but Mirando is upbeat and much more of what i was expecting from Ratatat..

This song is streaming or available for download below

Also, Evan from Ratatat has created a video for this song. Predator and Arnold Schwarzennager rule!

Right Click, "Save Target As" to Download
Ratatat- Mirando.mp3

Thursday, May 22, 2008


A couple of new songs have been released for the 3rd upcoming Ratatat album, LP3.
These both actually came off of 7' vinyl

One song is titled Shiller and the second is the hawaiian themed Mahola.
I like both songs (Mahola a little more), but still feel both are just decent. I'm left wanting a little more and maybe thats what the Ratatats intended.

Both songs are Streaming in the the right. Listen and give some thoughts....

Here's the songs for LP3 (because looking at the song names is just like listening to it)

Falcon Jab
Mi Viejo
Bird Priest
Mumtaz Khan
Gipsy Threat
Black Heroes

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Band

The Band is one of those old groups that I really never was a big fan of, I always thought they were too old, no longer relevant to a hip young dude like me, and I thought i was more evolved than a band that would call themselves The Band. I never gave them a chance, just swept them under the rug and thought they were a Lynyrd Skynard knockoff, Bob Dylan backup musicians, or Allman Brothers revisited.

After watching Martin Scorsese's The Last Waltz I feel very foolish for thinking those things...

The songs i did know were their mega-hits like The Weight, Drove Old Dixie Down, and Cripple Creek and still dont know if I'll ever like those songs, but I do know I really like their less popular stuff...and it makes me realize why many consider them one of the most influential bands ever. My Morning Jacket and Wilco, to name a few could be considered descendants of this band (among many other great bands) .

I'm especially liking Don't Do It and The Shape I'm In (which are streaming in the box to the right).

Watch this video if you arent buying anything I'm saying....

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tough Talk

and this is tough too, but with a nice beat

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Laid back, well crafted, and breezy is my description of Pseudosix 2nd album (self titled).

This album came out August of 2007, but I've put off giving it a true listen until this weekend.
Its a little bit pop and a little dark too which makes for an intersting listen. Not sure why but this weekend it really came alive.

There a couple of songs streaming in the music box but you should listen to the album in its entirity here when / if you have time- LISTEN HERE

I recommend: Under the Waves (song 2), Apathy and Excess (Song 3), Fire vs. Flame (Song 9)

I love the album cover too Black, Red + a couple of untrusting Owls.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Morning Jacket

My Morninig Jacket released a new mp3 from what will be their 5th studio album. The track (and album name) is Evil urges and currently set for a June 20th, 2008 release date. Frontman / producer Jim James had this to say about the album title (courtesy of Wired).

"The world today is such a confused place. Things that people think are good
values are obviously twisted, but there are other things considered evil that
obviously aren't. There is real evil out there, but Evil Urges is about how all
of these things that you've been told are evil really aren't, unless they're
actually hurting something or somebody."

The band also said they wanted this album to contain less of a traditional rock n roll produced sound, but more of what they represent at a live performace.

This band slowly grew on my after 2005 Z but really in the lasttwo year I've become more and more into it this band after getting a hold of the live Okonoks double disc album. Looking forward to this one-

Mp3 available for download below courtesy of MMJ or its streaming in the music box to the right

Right Click, Save Target As to Download
Evil Urges.mp3

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Joggers - Live from Dallas

Another Joggers post....seems like each day i try and find news about their new album.
Here's a live performance of from a April 21 show in Dallas, TX @ the Granada theatre courtesy of Youtube.

The song is the- The Trap from their 2003 Solid Guild album. Good tune.

and one more-

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

French Kicks

The NYC based band French Kicks is back with a new album "Swimming". I've liked their previous albums which are garage bandish...simple tunes with nice beats. Also, while i was in my lab I discovered a formula for pop music.

See below-

This new one is a little different, much more calm and a little less punk face, but still keeps the attention. My favorites off the album so far are Said So What, Carried Away, and Love in the Ruins.

Another thing about this album- French Kicks have always sounded a bit like other bands out there, but on this one I think they've experimented a but instead of using the exact (sometimes repetive) post punk formula.
Rating- 3 out of 5 Gare Bears- There are four tunes from the new album streaming in the box to the right- listen to them.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Das Cobra

Guess who won Battle of the Ad Bands (Kansas City) Ja!?
None other than Das Cobra, our first live debut rocked the City of Kanas with unique sounds, sexy rhythms and skin tight outfits.. The music and the band really do pose the question very assertively - Are you ready for trouble times?
To listen visit Here.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Raconteurs vs. The Doobie Brothers

Lets forget about the fact that The Doobie Brothers have 14 members in their band, forget about the fact that The Doobie Brothers are a sure thing in a bar fight, the fact that Doobie Bros have had more sex than any band in history.

Lets also forget about the fact that Michael McDonald was in The Doobie Brothers and that they sang a few songs like "What a Fool Believes". I'm asking you to forget about these facts for the next minutes... please.

Instead, I ask you to imagine this- what if The Doobie Brothers were onstage and could only choose one song. It just so happens I'm topless in the front row and they ask me to pick the song. I yell "Play that Black Water whewwww!!!!!!" The Doobie Brothers smile, nod and start picking their guitars and bobbing their heads. I've got a monster smile on my face as i look up at the sky in a reminiscent sort of way.

Stay with me, here.

However, the next band pops out and its led by none other than Jack White. I yell, "Yeah! its the White Stripes" Jack looks down at me on the front row, smiles nods his head, No then tosses me a pick. I then see a few more rag tag looking guys follow to the stage and quickly shout "Yeah! Its The Raconteurs!!" Jack grabs the mic and quickly ask me "Big Gar, we all were watching you from backstage and couldnt get over how much you enjoyed Black Water by The Doobie Brothers, and well...we'd like to play one of our new tunes that we think you'll like as well" Of course, me being star struck and shocked that they know my name, I agree.

They begin to pick their guitars and the guy on the fiddle begins to lick his lips. They begin playing a song of their newly released album (Consolers of the Lonely) "Old Enough"

Next thing you know I'm backstage, Michael McDonald and Jack White are sharing stories of the road and toasting to a couple of luke warm Miller High Lifes. Me, I'm on the couch smiling in amazement while both of these songs are in my head.

Listen to both back to back on the music box, right over there >>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
and tell me if you feel the same.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Black Keys are attacked by lazers...

At least that's whats happening on their Web site. In preparation for the highly anticipated April 1st release of 'Attack and Release' the Ohio due have taken an unconventional way to generating Web site buzz for the upcoming release. Instead of reading the typical bio or looking through photos you now have to the chance to shoot down some pixalated laser touting space cadets. Just head on over to to see what I'm talking about. I'm not sure exactly what the point is, but it definitely gives you something to do while awaiting what is going to be an amazing album. 'Attack and Release' is produced by Danger Mouse, helping The Keys find a fresh but familiar sound. Check out the new songs "Strange Times" and "Lies" here:


Barack had a speech yesterday. He addressed the questions that have arisen on talk news shows across the world surrounding his minister, Jeremiah Wright. Wright did say some awful things in those sound bites and I don’t agree with them, but I'm not voting for his minister. Side note- Could I watch those videos and see where his minister is coming from? Yes. Were they extremely exaggerated points of view? Yes.

It would be one thing if Barack’s platform was pushing for a moral agenda and that he would be consulting with Wright before making important decisions. Are we as Americans not past these kinds of politics? We've seen the results of a presidency based on this. I'm glad Obama pointed out that there will always be distractions, he's right. Someone will find something that’s different or not part of the norm and as we've also seen, make things up. I never cared before what church Barack attended and never even thought about what his religious beliefs were. When reporters start telling us what's important...and that we should be afraid of this and we start buying into it, that’s a problem. We need to decide for ourselves what is important and not be frightened by things like this because in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday mix

Overall, today has been a pretty nice day to end the week on, my bball team lost today and wont be getting into the NCAA tournament. I think its okay though, I got to watch two games from 5 rows up for free. Why not share a mix, right?

Here's a quick Friday Mix....which can be streaming at your eardrums if you use the box to your right.

Dismemberment Plan- Ellen & Ben

The Walkmen- Rue The Day

Flaming Lips- Turn It On

Fugazi- Waiting Room

Chin Up Chin Up- For all the Tanning Salons in Texas

Friday, March 7, 2008

Real Emotional Trash

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks' new album came out on Tuesday (Real Emotional Trash). The indie legend continues to show why he is a legend. Beautiful songs, cool hooks, nice solos. After one listen, I think I love it. Its time to to make an "I heart Malkmus T-shirt". Lets not forget about The Jicks, so far I think their performance on this album meets their best work if not surpassing it. Thats pretty good, comparing against-The 1st self titled (Stephen Malkmus) Pig Lib, and Face the Truth.

Check out the play box I added to the right. I always liked the old fashioned way of manually uploading songs (if it can be called old fashioned)...but this handy tool really is much easier and faster. There are three songs from the new album for you to check out.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Two for one (Joggers & Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks)

The Joggers have realeased several tour dates coming up very soon (in case you hadn't noticed, the Joggers have become one of my favorite bands in the past year). Also, it looks like the Joggers will be the opening act up for none other than Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks for a few of their shows.

Oh yeah, and SM&J have a brand new album coming on on Tuesday 3/4/08 (also known as Jr. Super Tuesday). The album is currently streaming on their myspace page.

I'd really love to see these two bands play together. I wonder if Malkmus sees a little bit of Pavement in the Joggers??

So far here are their list of dates so far. Make note of the ^

4/13/08 stay tuned
4/16/08 Salt Lake City, Ut Urban Lounge w/Enon
4/17/08 Denver, Co. Larimer Lounge w/Enon
4/18/08 Lawrence, Ks. Jackpot saloon
4/19/08 Conservatory,Oklahoma Citay,Ok
4/20/08 Austin, TX La Zona Rosa ^
4/21/08 Dallas, TX Granada Theatre ^
4/23/08 Albuquerque, NM Launchpad ^
4/24/08 Tuscon, AZ Plush^
4/26/08 TBA, La?
4/27/08 San Francisco, The Fillmore^
4/28/08 Sacramento, CA Harlow's ^
4/30/08 Eugene,OR WOW hall^
5/1/08 Portland, Wonder Ballroom^
5/2/08 Victoria, BC Sugar^
5/3/08 Vancouver, BC Richards on Richards ^

^ with Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

If that wasnt enough, the Joggers have two new great songs (rough mixes) on their myspace page, Joggers . "Talking at Keith" & "KnockKneed Heart"

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Off to Ireland

I'll be gone for a week, and couldnt be more excited. I leave you with one of the finest bands to come from this great, green country. No it isnt U2, but none other than Thin Lizzy

This is my favorite song of theirs...


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sound Team

I just found out over the weekend that this band called it quits in September of last year (9/07). The Austin, TX based Sound Team released their final album, Monster Movie a year prior to the breakup. Its a bummer a band as good as this will no longer be around.

However, I'm sure the members will find some other musical projects to be a part of.

RIP Sound team

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Sound Team- Handful of Billions.mp3

Friday, February 1, 2008

I have a crush on Vampire Weekend

I just found out about this band two nights ago on Elbows. After that, I saw hundreds of blog posts about this band, and then found an article in the NY Times. The Band I'm referring to is Vampire Weekend out of NYC. Its interesting the amount of buzz around this band but after I listened to their first single A-Punk and I was hooked. I then got my hands on the rest of the album and havent stopped listening to it yet.

Some of their songs sound like a normal indie pop band, but there is more to the band than just that. Other songs have an African feel, and others have a Classical influence.

The band themselves, describe their genre of music as "Upper West Side Soweto". Not sure about that, but its worth the listen.

Give these tracks a listen, entire album available via Itunes.

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Vampire Weekend- Bryn.mp3

Vampire Weekend- M79.mp3

Vampire Weekend- The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance.mp3

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Keep Your Eyes Ahead

Only 31 days into the new year and I'm happy with the music thats been released so far, solely because of this album Keep Your Eyes Ahead by The Helio Sequence. It didnt grab me like 2004's Love and Distance at first, but I think i will end up with more appreciation for this one.

At first listen, the songs didnt seem very challenging or as complex as their prior work, but this album was supposed to be just that. Simple.

I think it sounds less complex because there isnt as many noticeable bleeps and bops from computers effects. The electronics have been toned down significantly and play more like a backing vocal than anything. I like this.

Favorite tracks are Back to This and Broken Afternoon. They're available below for listening if you'd like. The first Back to This has just enough mellow synth over whining guitar slides, with double vocal tracks which makes a sound milkshake for my ears...

The second song Broken Afternoon has some blatant hints of Dylan, which i guess every artists has to try and replicate at some point in their career. Not meant to be a shot, i dont think its a bad thing. From what I can gather, its a song about not the best of luck...but everything turns out okay in a Broken Afternoon. Its a pretty tune.

Good Album. Poppy, golden age type of music.

Definitely worth owning.

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The Helio Sequence- Back to This.mp3

The Helio Sequence- Broken Afternoon.mp3

Monday, January 28, 2008

Instant Smile of '07

I choose "You've got Yr. Cherry Bomb" by Spoon for this category. Saxtastic..
Nuff Said.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saddest song of '07

I dont mean for this post to be a downer (its actually meant to be a positive). The greatest thing about music is when you can say it touches you and makes you reflect on things that happen throughout your life. This song does just that for me.

I remember my first time hearing this song. I remember being really touched by lyrics and having that "i know how that feels" moment. It truly is a great song.

When I hear this song now, it doesnt so much remind of loss or sad tings, its thankfullness. Thankful to have the opportunity, freedom and capability.

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Someone Great.mp3

Best Opening Track on an album in '07

Maybe it was all the buzz, maybe its because of the "pay what you want" initiative, maybe its because anytime Radiohead comes out with an album the anticipation and expectations are all over the board. You dont know what to expect, because they're constantly reinventing themselves. You also dont know if it will be an album that will immediately grab your attention or if it will take time to grow on you.

"In Rainbows" captured all of those, but the opening song grabbed me immediately and initially, i was excited to continuely listen on to this fabulous record. I think we'll be hearing more about this album throughout the year.


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Radiohead- 15 Step.mp3

Best "Face Melter" of '07

For this self-made category (Best Face Melter), I have to go with the White Stripes "You dont know what love is (you just do what you're told)" off of 2007's Icky Thump. The entire song is great, but the last 45 seconds has to easily be my favorite guitar solo of the year.

I'm not even embarassed to admit that each time I hear it, I incorrectly air guitar to it.
My fingers going up and down on a what would be neck of a shitty Fender knock off (Its all i could afford)

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