Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Power of an Instrumental in film

They've been the butt of many jokes, but why? Is it because of Trey Parker and Matt Stone? Is it because deep down we really do enjoy them and are kind of embarassed to admit it? They can be cheesy but they can also be the most memorable parts of a movie.

Here they are-
My favorite instrumentals from movies.
As you'll see, the favorites are from the 80's. I couldnt think of many others for as of right now. Donnie Darko has a great montage but even it takes place in the 80's.

Movie: Rocky IV
Artist: Vince DiCola
Song: Training Montage (this is the actual song title btw)
Year: 1985

He's running through the mountains and training like a caveman, while the evil Soviet, Drago is enjoying his training in a state of the art workout lab run by evil scientists.
Sidenote, Eye of the Tiger doesnt do it for me, sorry. Maybe it should but i get nothing. This Training montage does.

This onbe is more of a montage than an instrumental because time passes and there is major progress.

Movie: Sixteen Candles
Artist: Kajagoogoo
Song: Kajagoogoo (Instrumental)
Year: 1984
Its the opening credits after Sam realizes her entire family has forgotten her B-day. It goes through the normal settings of a High School campus. It takes me back to a day when it was still acceptable to wear sweat pants in public.

Note- I couldnt find the actual video so you'll just have to enjoy the live version.

Move: Ferris Buellers Day Off
Artist: The English Beat
Song: Rotating Heads (March of the Swivelheads)
Year: 1986
He's running home to get in bed before his parents get home. Love the hell of this. I want to reanact this scene so bad but not sure if anyone knows how to do the slow-mo shots nowadays.

Right Click and Save As, to Download
The English Beat- March of the Swivelheads.mp3

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I came across this guy last week, Copy. His latest album "Hair Guitar" came out earlier this year so I'm a little late to the game there. He's out of Portland, OR of all places. Not many good musicians from there. He's all electronic which might turn some away but I encourage you to give it a shot. The beats are great, oh and a big fan of the tickling of the electric ivories. As some may say "I heart Keyboards"

Right Click, "Save Target As" to Download
Copy- Closet Face.mp3
Copy- Zipper Problems.mp3

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wilco and Andrew Bird

Last night was one of the best concert experiences I've had in a long time. Andrew Bird opened up for Wilco at the Kc Crossroads outdoor venue. I've heard good things about this place but had never been before. My expectations were blown away. I was picturing a slab of concrete with a wooden stage. I was wrong. Its like a well kept backyard but with interesting sculptures placed throughout the area. Its not too big but still plenty of space for 3,000 people to occupy. The stage is also just as big and easy to view as any other outdoor venue I've seen. Of course, the company didnt hurt either, it was my wife and I, a co-worker and two former co-workers who are excellent people.

The opening artist Andrew Bird was very fitting. It actually felt like Fall last night. Cool, crisp and colorful. His music flowed well with that. I've only heard a few of his songs but I think seeing this gentleman play live is the best way to really get it. He's a one man band playing the violin, guitar, mandolin, glockenspiel, and some of the most beautiful whistling I've ever heard. I've searched for some videos of his live performances and I think this one below is a good example. This guy uses a multi-track system to sample and loop his own performance. He records snippets while playing his violin, then will play a "loop" of that sound while picking up the guitar or glockenspiel to play over the loop. Needless to say, he's a very talented musician and has the vocals reminiscent of Jeff Buckley.

And of course, Wilco. This was my first time to see them live and from talking to other people who have seen them multiple times....I was told last nights show was the best they've seen. Tweedy and the rest of the band were happy, smiling and even said "This is easily the best audience we've had this tour". Another comment, which is on the video below from last night's show is...."You are an infectious crowd, I didnt want to have fun tonight". I think those are pretty good compliments for an audience to receive.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Seagrams, Golden Wine Coolers (Wet and Dry).

Oh the sweet 80's. I always love finding a diamond in the rough. Below are a few commercials for the Seagrams, Golden Wine Cooler campaign of the mid 80's. Featuring none other than Bruce Willis. This doesnt have much to do with music but I have some things coming down the pipe....

The first is my personal favorite but the others are worth a watch.

Not bad eh? I love the deep bravado "my, my, my, my"

This next one is pretty slick too.

Mr. Seagrams. He's my Kinda Guyhiii + a holiday clip

This one is kind of strange.....

One with Sharon Stone

And the finale. He sure is confident...thanks to Seagrams.