Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Songs...

Apparently I'm a mix addict as of late. A real mixer of songs, if you will.

I dont know if they're truly mixtapes since they're not full length, but rather than bore the few readers out there and myself with a full 10-12 mix, i think its good to keep it to 5-7 songs. Since its a summer Friday I thought it would be good to post some easy going songs, a few ambient ones, and a few that are good for a Friday / Saturday summer day. Give it a listen. These 6 songs will be in the top white box to the Right...and there are still 3 Beck tracks off the new album below this mix (now a total of 4 if you look real hard).

Back to work for me.

1. Blonde Redhead- Silently
This album (23) is one of the best of 2007 and I wish I would've talked about it more but its never too late I guess.

2. The Republic Tigers- Made Concrete
I was late to game on this group. I'd heard about them but just never was grabbed by them until a friend who's musical taste i really respect pointed them out. After listening to the full album I was convinced. These guys are just another example of the great (and often times verlooked) talent in Kansas City / Lawrence. Such a great pool of talent here.

3. Francis International Airport- Words on Logs
Just a download earlier in the week from an online banner advertisement. Thats right,the advertisement grabbed my attention. Usually I disregard them but this one looked so organic and legit that I went for it and found a decent song out of it.

4. Ratatat- Bruleè
I got to keep the ambience going and this New York duo will always do that. This is one of their new songs off of LP3. Great album, great band, great song. Try not to smile when this is playing

5. Beck- Orphans
Okay, okay. I'm humping Beck right now...i already blogged about him two days ago but I really like this album and yes this might now fall exactly into the "ambient category" but it at least has its foot in the ambience pool...dont you think?

6. Dr. Dog- Old Days
I'm really into these guys and how they're able to keep a 60's pop but still make it fresh. I dont think they're in no way a 60's rip off band but just fans of that time and very talented.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

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