Friday, November 23, 2007

Bye Jim, Mixtape

Someone I respect a great deal is leaving work to take a pretty amazing job opportunity in NYC. He's a guy I admire a lot. It's not only his work but also his taste in music / art, sense of humor and his collection of Western button down shirts. I made him a mix CD last week, however, it sounds a lot cooler to call it a "mixtape".

When I started putting this together it was going to be NYC themed but it became pretty tough and I wasnt into some of the songs I was coming up with. I was getting further away from something I liked in order to stay consistent. I decided to try choose songs that talked about change, leaving, and with a couple of random songs I thought he might like and that also flowed well. Mixtapes are fun for a few reasons, you get to find old favorites that might have gotten shoved to the back of the library, you get to choose the theme / flow, and then you get to await their response. Hopefully the response is positive.

Here is my mix to Jim... and since mixtapes are all about sharing...I attached a few MP3's

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Intro- (Text to Speech Note)

  1. Roxy Music - 2 H.B.

  2. My Morning Jacket - Golden MP3

  3. The Kinks - This Time Tomorrow

  4. Phoenix- North.m4a

  5. Spoon- You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb (Random)

  6. Belle & Sebastian- We are the Sleepyheads

  7. Tokyo Police Club- Be Good (RAC Mix) (Random)

  8. The Sea and Cake- Sound & Vision.mp3

  9. Field Music- You're Not Supposed To.mp3

  10. El Ten Eleven- My Only Swerving.mp3

  11. Modest Mouse- heart Cooks Brain

  12. TV on the Radio- Province

  13. Kings of Convenicnce- Manhattan Skyline

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Rob is a busy guy

Rob Crow has been a busy guy as of late. This year alone, he's released (or been a part of) three full length albums.

I really only knew of this fellow from Pinback, but apparently he's in like 10 other bands. The three albums he's released this year are are below. Theres is a sample from each, to boot.

I haven't had a chance to listen to all three in depth but they're all very similar. His voice is obviously the same, maybe he just gets tired of hanging out with the same band members all of the time.

Rob Crow (solo album)- Living Well: January 2007

Other Men- Wake Up Swimming: March 2007

Pinback Autumn of the Seraphs: September 2007

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Pinback- Bouquet.mp3
Other Men- Other People.mp3
Rob Crow- If Wade Would Call.mp3