Friday, July 25, 2008

Maps and Atlases

Maps and Atlases released a 5 song EP earlier this month titled "You and Me and the Mounatain" and I wish it would've been an LP. I get that EP's are extended singles but with a band like M&A I want more.

Their 2006 debut album "Trees, Swallows, Houses" is progressive and a little Math Rock but the songs still have that human feel which is hard to achieve when you're playing songs as "Mathy" or as structured as theirs. Maps and Atlases play songs that are technical yet organic which is what the band set out to do when they joined, I think their debut and the new EP represents this very well.

The new album is a bit poppier which is good and Dave Davison vocals sound much better than I remember. Now I'm excited to here more from this young, talented, "mathy" group. Sp, bring on the LP and the kick ass math equations....I have a bad ass calculator and I'm adequate at Excel.

Here is the band playing live- "Everyplace is a House" from '06 Trees, Swallaws, Houses. Its not the most amazing live performance and as you'll see his voice is a little off/weak at times but the music is so good its forgivable.

Here is that song via M&A web, there are also two new tracks and two old (including this one) streaming in the white box.......yes!
Maps and Atlases- Everyplace Is a House.mp3

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