Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sluggish Sunday

I refrained from using Lazy Sunday but really thought about it.

Some very good friends are moving to NYC on Monday and last night was their going away party and I couldnt be more excited for them. At the party, we all stayed up pretty late had several drinks and had a great time. It's 2:45pm on a Sunday and this is the first time I've done anything productive. Just wanted to post a song I thought was fitting because -
A.) Its from the Walkmen, a NYC band.
B.) This song sounds like a Bob Dylan song (pretty sure Jason is a Bob Dylan fan).

The Walkmen - Another One Goes By.mp3

All the best of luck to you guys. If ever in doubt of what to say when walking around the big city...just use - "I'm Walkin here!"

Monday, August 20, 2007

Planet of Ice

The new album from Minus the Bear came out yesterday. Gotta say it, MTB is one of my favorite bands out there. They became one of my most recent favorites after their 2005 album, Menos el Oso. I had a few songs from 2004's - They Make Beer Commercials Like This but something about Menos sparked something, it opened up something so fresh for me. They're heavy on the guitar taps and sequencing but they do it in very, very a beautiful way.

So, the new album?
I've listened to it several times and I LOVE it. But really, I enjoy most if not everything this band does. With Planet of Ice I think they took some chances and stepped out of their norm. Yes, this album has its share of mathmetical / tempo changing which is what they do well....but on this one they calmed things down a bit and even threw in a little of the "classic rockesque" guitar. Oh and by the way, I've never been a huge guitar guy but Dave Knudson to me sounds like he could be one of the most talented guitar players out there right now. Guitar folks, please tell me if I'm wrong there?

I really didnt know what songs to sample here, I chose Knights which has the familar sound and Dr. L Ling which is a little more guitar heavy. I think this new album will entice fans new and old. Check it (Snapping my fingers)

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hot Fuzz

Last night my wife and I watched Hot Fuzz on video. We had seen this in theatres earlier in the summer but loved it so much we had to see it again. I think I'm about ready to claim Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright as my favorite comedy duo of the '00's strictly because of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz alone. Back to HF, I'm already a sucker for Point Break, Lethal Weapon, Alien Nation, and just about any other buddy cop movie out there. Well, almost any buddy-cop movie. I'm sure there are a few that might be buddy cop "turds".

The reason Hot Fuzz is so good is because its able to do 3 things well

1.) Make an action packed buddy cop movie

2.) Spoof a buddy cop movie

3.) Make a very funny movie

Shaun of the dead was able to do the same thing. Yes it was a spoof, but it was also action packed, a little scary, and sad. So, go home rent the movie, watch the movie and give it some thought. Another good thing about this movie is the soundtrack (Nice Segue). One of the first songs I heard reminded me of an old favorite from high school, Jon Spencer. It had been a while since I'd listened to them. The Eels and the Kinks are also featured.

I dont own the song from the movie so i couldnt post, but I have posted two songs from The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion '94 album, Orange. I never have seen this group live but it seems like it would be out of control.

Give these songs a listen, you will either love it or hate it.

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Ditch mp3

Full Grown mp3

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Last Little Life - EP

One of my first posts ever was about the new Rentals EP coming out soon. Well, its been out for a few weeks now so thought I could touch on that a little more. The EP is only 4 songs, so it doesnt take long to get through. The first song (Last Romantic Day) is so, so and reminded me of where they left off....with Seven More Minutes (their second album), which is a little less synthesizer and a little more mature. Mature isnt always a good thing.
The second track "Little Bit of You in Everything" is much better (in my opinion) and reminds me of the first Rentals album that I know and love so much. However, I think my favorite song so far is "Life Without a Brain" (track 3) which also sounds like Return of the Rentals.
Not sure how much you can read into an EP which has 4 songs, but I like 2 of the 4 very much. Hopefully a full fledge album will be out soon.

Below is the video for "Waiting". Great song.
You may notice Maya Rudolph (from SNL) in this video. Hint-Green Sweater. She was briefly in the band as a keyboard player and vocalist.
Here is a new track from the EP and an older tune.
The old tune is the demo of "Waiting". It's a little rough but its still good.
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Roy Rules!

I try to post music only topics but I just cant right now.
I know this is old but I came across it today and I love it. Its kind of like a music video I guess.

I hope you enjoyed.

Here is something Roy-like.

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Royksopp - Sparks mp3

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

Could it be the album of the year? I'm not sure yet, but with only 5 months left in '07 it may be in consideration. Its been out for almost a month and I wasn't as pumped about the release as many long time fans were. I'm by no means a long time Spoon fan and didnt really get all the hype. I'm am now in the process of gathering their entire collection.

I was a fan of "The Underdog" on the new album (track 7) after the initial listen but the other songs just didnt jump out at me. Thats the Ipod hitmaker side of me to blame. Anyway, I finally listened to the entire album this weekend in honor of their Lollapalooza appearance (which I didnt make...btw Shane and Reuger I'm jealous) .

Back to "The Underdog" (track 7) this is very reminiscent of Sloan's "Everything you've done wrong" and maybe even a little Billy Joel-esque. Its got to be the horns on that song that do it for me. Great stuff. I also love the fact that this song is basically a Finger to the former label that dropped them years ago. Just a, nice reminder about how Elektra was more concerned with quick sales and big hits versus allowing the band to be creative and build their fan base.

The other songs I cant stop listening to are "You've got Yr. Cherry Bomb", "Don't you Evah", and "Finer Feelings". You've got Yr. Cherry Bomb also uses the horns ( I think there's even a damn Sax in there). This song has a Motown feel to it at times and I could'nt be happier.

"Don't you Evah" the following track starts with a great bassline followed by a lazy dangling, Sonic Youth-like guitar. Okay, enough with the name dropping.

Give the tracks below a listen if you'd like and start filling out your ballots for Best of '07. I'd like to see other nominees. Please share!

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Spoon - You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
Spoon - Don't You Evah

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse plays in Kansas City tonight.
I'm excited. I haven't been to a concert in months and its been years since I've seen MM.

I do enjoy their latest album We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank and look forward to seeing them play with live with the new addition, Johnny Marr. I still cant get believe hes part of the band, very cool.

However, I've decided to post some old tunes though....
here are a two oldies but goodies. The first is from Building Nothing Out of Something. The second is from This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing to Think About.
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Bear Colony

This album (We Came Here to Die) by Bear Colony, isnt new by any means. It actually came out February of this year. One of their songs came up on my Ipod while taking a jog last night. I was lacking motivation, I was tired, my stomach hurt and I just wasnt feeling it at all. I considered turning around and going home.

Here's where it gets cheesy. When their song came on it got me super excited, I think goose bumps were involved. The energy of the music (electro drum machine beats on top of guitar) really helped but the singer and lyrics seemed very inspired. After getting home I wanted to learn more about these guys..

Interesting story-

This (Arkansas based) band is the brainchild and heart of singer/songwriter Vince Griffin. Two years ago, this guy (Griffin) was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and stayed in bed for months. From what I've read about this disease, there isnt a cure or medical procedure in most cases. While he was in bed.....he and ten of his closest friends started writing this album. Wow! Oh yeah, the Crohns disease was mis-diagnoses. He's fine now.

I understand why it sounds so inspired now.

(Ew, goosebumps again with that closing line).

Seriously though....give these tracks a listen and go buy the album.

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Bear Colony - Sharks (MP3)
Bear Colony - Hospital Rooms Aren’t for Lovers (MP3)