Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Barack had a speech yesterday. He addressed the questions that have arisen on talk news shows across the world surrounding his minister, Jeremiah Wright. Wright did say some awful things in those sound bites and I don’t agree with them, but I'm not voting for his minister. Side note- Could I watch those videos and see where his minister is coming from? Yes. Were they extremely exaggerated points of view? Yes.

It would be one thing if Barack’s platform was pushing for a moral agenda and that he would be consulting with Wright before making important decisions. Are we as Americans not past these kinds of politics? We've seen the results of a presidency based on this. I'm glad Obama pointed out that there will always be distractions, he's right. Someone will find something that’s different or not part of the norm and as we've also seen, make things up. I never cared before what church Barack attended and never even thought about what his religious beliefs were. When reporters start telling us what's important...and that we should be afraid of this and we start buying into it, that’s a problem. We need to decide for ourselves what is important and not be frightened by things like this because in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter.


Shanenor said...

While i think there is no place for political speech in church, a lot of the stuff he said, while very scary to us white folk, wasn't necessarily untrue.

Either way, point taken.

Garrett said...

I hear you shane, you're right.

I started to try my best and go into what was true about the comments but I stopped.

Thanks, PEace.

Jim V said...

I thought this was a music blog. What's with the politicoloso?

Keep it to the music white boy.

Garrett said...

point taken, Jim v.
I will try to stick to music.

Anonymous said...

You could do a theme on music that candidates selected as theme songs. Remember Perot--Crazy. Pretty dead on. And remember when Reagan, or was it Bush, used Born In The USA and didn't even know the lyrics? Don't stop thinking about tomorrow.