Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Modern Guilt

Beck's latest album came out yesterday and I've got to say I'm pleasently surprised. I wasnt a monster fan of Guero, in fact liked the 4 Bit-Rate remixes that came out before Guero better than the actual album itself. Modern Gulit grabbed me right away, maybe it was just timing, me looking for a change or something new, but nonetheless it happened. This is an artist that never should seize to amaze, he can really do no wrong. A few of my favorite tracks so far are Youthless and Replica. Youthless is as straight forward of a funky bass line as you can get (i hate using the word "funky" too because, well...its a ridiculous word) but I dont care and I'm not ashamed to say i love the song right now.

Next is Replica, its a little all over the board at first listen but makes complete sense after a couple of listens and actually starts to become "pretty" within all the madness of the crashing bass thumps and bumps. Thats right, I said it...pretty.

Also, i dont want to leave out Gamma Ray, song #2 on the album, it takes me back to the High School days of Odelay mixed with a dash of Mutations.

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