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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tennis - Young and Old

The new Tennis album is better than Cape Dory. The 2010 release was great and came with a slew of other similar 60ish beach style guitar bands (which I enjoy), but with "Young and Old" its seems the duo made a conscious effort to open things up while maintaining their nostalgic, airy roots. The first track on Young and Old "All feels the Same" is one of the bands first ever written songs but has transformed into a powerful opener that sets the tone of the bands looser feel. When you hit play the first 1:45 starts off right where Cape Dory left off, but the song becomes much more aggressive and its perfect. The second song "Origins" is the single for Young and Old and many have been enjoying this release for several months now. Another interesting song that could potentially be heard at da clubs this summer is track 5, "Petition". Definitely a great pop song and another slight change for Tennis. Okay, so without further comes my play on words joke:

"I LOVE this album!"

Buy the album mid-February.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Long time coming

I haven't done this in a while for no reason at all. So, Im gonna to try and get it back up and running with music I like and appreciate. I also wanted to try and link up with Spotify as this appears to be a good way to listen / share music in a easy and truly legal way.

Below is a mix I put together for Kansas City Roasterie a few years ago and I came across it today and I really like it. Give it a listen and also be patient.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Country Mice - Twister

Country Mice released their first full length album just a few short weeks ago and the reception has been very positive. While sitting under the stars during a warm summer night there are smells of bbq, pipe smoke and beer in the air, this album blends with these things perfectly.

It's an album that any true music fan is sure to enjoy whether you're in the thick of it in Brooklyn or in the middle of a wheat field in Western Kansas. This is something that's not easy for any album or band to accomplish, but for Jason, Ben, Kurt and Mike it appears effortless. Country Mice and Jason puts so much heart into these songs that it bleeds through the speakers. Buy the album, see them on tour this summer. You will walk away smiling.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Morning Jacket

I just got my paws on this album and I'm currently trying to soak it in. I have heard some negative / so so reviews (some even pertaining to this song). I heard this song yesterday on the radio (NPR / WBEZ) and I really really liked what I heard. That's one positive.

I am liking song #3 The Day is Coming. right now.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Best of 2010

Check out the shades on that Bear!!!

Below are my favorite albums of 2010 and a song from each that is a good representation of each album. These albums / songs are not ranked in any type of order, but more how I felt they would blend together during a yule tide holiday listening session or something festive like that.

Feel free to listen to each, but you should try buying these full albums too if you haven’t already. Happy Holidays to everyone.

  1. Arcade Fire - “Ready to Start” (Suburbs)
  2. Deerhunter- “Revival” (Halycon Digest)
  3. Field Music - “Measure” (Measure)
  4. Stereolab - “Sun Demon” (Not Music)
  5. Twin Shadow - “When Were Dancing” (Forget)
  6. Yeasayer - “O.N.E” (Odd Blood)
  7. Broken Social Scene - “Romance to the Grave” (Forgiveness Rock Record)
  8. Of Montreal - “Enemy Gene” (False Priest)
  9. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - “Round and Round” (Before Today)
  10. The Walkmen - “Blue as Your Blood” (Lisbon)
  11. The Radio Dept. - “Never Follow Suit” (Clinging to a Scheme)
  12. LCD Soundsystem - “Home” (This is Happening)
  13. Dum Dum Girls - “Jail La La” (I Will Be)
  14. Wild Nothing - “The Witching Hour” (Gemini)
  15. Country Mice - “Festival” (Transmissions)
  16. Best Coast - “The End” (Crazy for You)
  17. Beach House - “Lover of Mine” (Teen Dream)
  18. The Morning Benders - “Excuses” (Big Echo)
  19. Blitzen Trapper (feat. Alela Diane) - “The Tree” (Destroyer of the Void)

“ “ = Song

( ) = Album

You can also find this full list on Grooveshark (HERE)


Friday, September 3, 2010

The Nerves

The Nerves are a band that were not together for very long at all. I was familiar with the name of the group and had heard that even with their short tenure as a band they were very talented and had also heard they were influential in many respects. It wasn't until this week that I discovered these claims for myself. The group was comprised of Peter Case, Jack Lee and Paul Collins (Paul Collins Beat).

This group initially only released 4 songs and then a second release of The Breakaways, this as an album of post-Nerves recordings made by Paul Collins and Peter Case prior to the formation of Collins' group The Beat.

Its poppy, a little reminiscent of The Jam or some of the other pop / punk bands from the late 70s early 80s. Despite lumping them into a giant pool like this...I think The Nerves were maybe a few years ahead of their time. Either way, all four of these songs are fun, timeless, and I'm glad I found them.

you can hear all 4 from their EP HERE