Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Fourth of July

A few songs to get you in the mood to pop some fireworks, grill a couple of hot dogs, and pound some American brew, none of that import crap either.

Happy Fourth of July weekend.

Disclaimer...these songs are not taking the place of the '08 Summer Mix.

All Songs streaming in the White Box (top Right)

1. Summertime- DJ Jazzy & Fresh Prince
2. Summer- Modest Mouse
3. It's Summertime- The Flaming Lips
4. Gorgeous Summer Jogging- Islands
5. Summer Babe- Pavement
6. Summer Days- Phoenix
7. Heavy Metal Drummer- Wilco


Jim V said...

Gare Bear,

Congrats on the first anniversary of your blog? It started about one year ago now correct? Anyway -Congrats. Good stuff here.

Garrett said...

Thanks Jim V.
Yes, the first ever post was at end of June in '07 so its anniversary time for me.

I'm still learning what makes for a good post and what doesnt.