Monday, November 24, 2008

Date with Ikea

"Date with IKEA" literally. Pavement and imeem agreed to a funny/goofy promotion where a lucky winner will get to spend a day with a member or Pavement at an Ikea. This is a buzz effort to promote the expanded edition of Pavement's fourth LP Brighten the Corners. Yep, its real but it still hasnt been announced who the member will be...

Here's some more info Pitchfork

Here is Streaming "Date with Ikea" Courtesy of Pitch

There is also an entire Matador Fall '08 sampler. A Pavement song included "Cataratcs".
Download that here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Albums/Bands/Songs

Finally, a new post, plus a Taco. Yes.

My busy work season is almost over and the holidays are approaching which I'm pretty happy about. I saw Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks last week in Lawrence, KS. Blitzen Trapper was the opening band. Great show and great know who you are. I also ran my first marathon since my last post so I'm pretty much a bad ass now. And more importantly, Obama was elected into office which means America voted the right way and things are already happening (even before hes taken office).

So, what have I been listening too the last few weeks? Some different stuff. Mainly some 'ol fashion indie rock and just some regular indie pop too. Here goes:

This first jewel is from a band named Sunset. The key member from Sunset is from Sound Team out of Austin, Bill Baird. Sound Team broke up last year and I was kind of bummed about it but then discoverd Mr. Baird has been doing some solo stuff and Sunset stuff for a little bit. There are 3 albums that I'm aware is Bright Blue Dream (released in March '08), Glowing City (released in July '08) but a new album called Pink Clouds..(A variety of recordings that come together as an album. Produced on clear pink cassettes with handmade covers. only 100 copies). This band is a music factory. Here are some tracks from each of the mentioned albums. Check out the song Loveshines, it could have easily made The Virgin Suicides soundtrack. Not sure why but it has the sound..kind of like the song from Air in that movie. Dominate it.

Sunset- Loveshines.mp3 (Pink Clouds)
Sunset- Man's Heart Complaint.mp3 (Bright Blue Dream)
Sunset- Twenty Four Karat Soul.mp3 (The Glowing City)

Next is a Swedish band called "Love is All". There new album actually just came out this Tuesday. I like what I've hear. Very raw sounds, and I started to jump in and call them another 80's type band but thats a weak and easy statement to make. They almost have more of a late 70's punk sound, but thats also easy and weak. At times the singer Josephine Olausson voice can push your ear drums to the limit but it grows on you and then you want more. Weird. Couple of songs here. Movie Romance and Sea Sick from the album- A Hundred Things Keep Me Up.

Love Is All- Movie Romance.mp3 (A hundred things)
Love Is All- Sea Sick.mp3 (A hundred things)

Finally, this last band's album, Little Joy (self titled) came out last week, Big news is- one of the band members is from The Strokes. It's Fabrizio Moretti, which should be a fake name. I like the Strokes....even though they've lost their cool over the years, just because i guess. No real back up as to why but i still like them. I think they make good music and its always fun to revisit. This album is very good, its a little more laid back than a Strokes record and has some tropical-ness to it. This is probably because one of the other members is a very well known Brazilian indie rocker guy named Rodrigo Amarante (from Los Hermanos). Also, multi-instrumentalist named Binki Shapiro is in the band. Overall, good album, two tracks from this album.

Little Joy- Brand New Start.mp3 (Little Joy)
Little Joy- Keep Me In Mind.mp3 (Little Joy)

I'll try to post more stuff soon. All songs are streaming in the WHITE BOX to your right for a limited time. Thanks a million.