Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer '08 Mix

Since Memorial Day I've been trying to complete my Spring / Summer '08 mix, but now that I've finished its June and time to drop the Spring. I love listening to and creating mix tapes oh so much but they take a while for me to craft and never sound the same in the end as they began.

Even though its summer time this isnt necessarily your summer dance mix, in fact it starts a little slower and easy listening like, but if you're patient and let each song play out you'll hopefully be snapping your fingers midway through so dont worry it has its fair amount of pop as well.

FAQ section:
What time would this mix be good for?
Saturday....late afternoon heading into the evening before placing steak on the grill

What type mood should i be in when listening to this?

What to drink with this mix?
Zon or a summer or white ale for Beer. Pinot Grigio for wine

Now to the mix:
There are 11 tracks on this mix and it runs slightly under 40 minutes so its an extremely easy listen. While putting this together I went up to 15 tracks, but they werent fitting and I was just starting to add new songs i liked but had to hold back because it was getting to be convoluted and all over the board. Not all of these songs are brand new either- 4 are from 2008, 4 are from 2007, 2 from 2006 & 1 from 2005.

Without further delay here is the Summer mix. Feel free to download each song by- Right Clicking, "Save Target As". This will also be streaming in the Music box to the right if you're not into downloading this.

I've talked about him before and mentioned I really like his solo album. This song is beginning to make its way into movie trailers and commercials.

A recent summer favorite that is calm, but also has something very powerful midway through especially at the end..

Reminds me of an old 60's outlaw song....running in the summer heat from the law in a comfortable cadiallac.

Blends nicely with the two songs around it and what a better song for those summer road trips. I kind of like Tourist Traps.

Beautiful nostalgic song. This song felt right to swing the mood upwards. At the 2 minute mark it turns colorful and pushes the rest of the songs in that direction.

Picks up okay from Beiruts "Postcards" Starting to become one of my favorite songs of the year

I like this song off their latest album and it could almost go anywhere but it makes for a tastey White Denim & Midlake sandwich
This is an older song but I've always liked it and it fits nice as the 'ol 8 hole.

This band continues to impress me. This is a Architecture of Helsinki cover, but I actually like their take of the song better

Jack White gets most of the credit for the Raconteurs, but Brendan as a writer and musician adds his pop to the group. Here's a song from his 2005 solo album

I cant get tired of this song. Each time i hear it i enjoy it, it makes for a nice ending to a summer mix

I hope you enjoy and get as much pleasure as i did creating this. I'd love to hear any thoughts or areas that you enjoy. Please also send any songs you dont feel fit or should be in a different order. I'm curious to hear.

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