Friday, February 1, 2008

I have a crush on Vampire Weekend

I just found out about this band two nights ago on Elbows. After that, I saw hundreds of blog posts about this band, and then found an article in the NY Times. The Band I'm referring to is Vampire Weekend out of NYC. Its interesting the amount of buzz around this band but after I listened to their first single A-Punk and I was hooked. I then got my hands on the rest of the album and havent stopped listening to it yet.

Some of their songs sound like a normal indie pop band, but there is more to the band than just that. Other songs have an African feel, and others have a Classical influence.

The band themselves, describe their genre of music as "Upper West Side Soweto". Not sure about that, but its worth the listen.

Give these tracks a listen, entire album available via Itunes.

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Vampire Weekend- Bryn.mp3

Vampire Weekend- M79.mp3

Vampire Weekend- The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance.mp3


Paul Corrigan said...

Is it okay to like something that everyone else likes too?

I'm still struggling with that. With Vampire Weekend.

Kind of an inner struggle.

Garrett Sorrels said...


I definitely think so. This record is quality, poppy and just fun. I dont think you can help but like it.

There was a lot of hype behind these guys, so far I think this album has lived up to it.