Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Raconteurs vs. The Doobie Brothers

Lets forget about the fact that The Doobie Brothers have 14 members in their band, forget about the fact that The Doobie Brothers are a sure thing in a bar fight, the fact that Doobie Bros have had more sex than any band in history.

Lets also forget about the fact that Michael McDonald was in The Doobie Brothers and that they sang a few songs like "What a Fool Believes". I'm asking you to forget about these facts for the next minutes... please.

Instead, I ask you to imagine this- what if The Doobie Brothers were onstage and could only choose one song. It just so happens I'm topless in the front row and they ask me to pick the song. I yell "Play that Black Water whewwww!!!!!!" The Doobie Brothers smile, nod and start picking their guitars and bobbing their heads. I've got a monster smile on my face as i look up at the sky in a reminiscent sort of way.

Stay with me, here.

However, the next band pops out and its led by none other than Jack White. I yell, "Yeah! its the White Stripes" Jack looks down at me on the front row, smiles nods his head, No then tosses me a pick. I then see a few more rag tag looking guys follow to the stage and quickly shout "Yeah! Its The Raconteurs!!" Jack grabs the mic and quickly ask me "Big Gar, we all were watching you from backstage and couldnt get over how much you enjoyed Black Water by The Doobie Brothers, and well...we'd like to play one of our new tunes that we think you'll like as well" Of course, me being star struck and shocked that they know my name, I agree.

They begin to pick their guitars and the guy on the fiddle begins to lick his lips. They begin playing a song of their newly released album (Consolers of the Lonely) "Old Enough"

Next thing you know I'm backstage, Michael McDonald and Jack White are sharing stories of the road and toasting to a couple of luke warm Miller High Lifes. Me, I'm on the couch smiling in amazement while both of these songs are in my head.

Listen to both back to back on the music box, right over there >>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
and tell me if you feel the same.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Black Keys are attacked by lazers...

At least that's whats happening on their Web site. In preparation for the highly anticipated April 1st release of 'Attack and Release' the Ohio due have taken an unconventional way to generating Web site buzz for the upcoming release. Instead of reading the typical bio or looking through photos you now have to the chance to shoot down some pixalated laser touting space cadets. Just head on over to to see what I'm talking about. I'm not sure exactly what the point is, but it definitely gives you something to do while awaiting what is going to be an amazing album. 'Attack and Release' is produced by Danger Mouse, helping The Keys find a fresh but familiar sound. Check out the new songs "Strange Times" and "Lies" here:


Barack had a speech yesterday. He addressed the questions that have arisen on talk news shows across the world surrounding his minister, Jeremiah Wright. Wright did say some awful things in those sound bites and I don’t agree with them, but I'm not voting for his minister. Side note- Could I watch those videos and see where his minister is coming from? Yes. Were they extremely exaggerated points of view? Yes.

It would be one thing if Barack’s platform was pushing for a moral agenda and that he would be consulting with Wright before making important decisions. Are we as Americans not past these kinds of politics? We've seen the results of a presidency based on this. I'm glad Obama pointed out that there will always be distractions, he's right. Someone will find something that’s different or not part of the norm and as we've also seen, make things up. I never cared before what church Barack attended and never even thought about what his religious beliefs were. When reporters start telling us what's important...and that we should be afraid of this and we start buying into it, that’s a problem. We need to decide for ourselves what is important and not be frightened by things like this because in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday mix

Overall, today has been a pretty nice day to end the week on, my bball team lost today and wont be getting into the NCAA tournament. I think its okay though, I got to watch two games from 5 rows up for free. Why not share a mix, right?

Here's a quick Friday Mix....which can be streaming at your eardrums if you use the box to your right.

Dismemberment Plan- Ellen & Ben

The Walkmen- Rue The Day

Flaming Lips- Turn It On

Fugazi- Waiting Room

Chin Up Chin Up- For all the Tanning Salons in Texas

Friday, March 7, 2008

Real Emotional Trash

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks' new album came out on Tuesday (Real Emotional Trash). The indie legend continues to show why he is a legend. Beautiful songs, cool hooks, nice solos. After one listen, I think I love it. Its time to to make an "I heart Malkmus T-shirt". Lets not forget about The Jicks, so far I think their performance on this album meets their best work if not surpassing it. Thats pretty good, comparing against-The 1st self titled (Stephen Malkmus) Pig Lib, and Face the Truth.

Check out the play box I added to the right. I always liked the old fashioned way of manually uploading songs (if it can be called old fashioned)...but this handy tool really is much easier and faster. There are three songs from the new album for you to check out.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Two for one (Joggers & Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks)

The Joggers have realeased several tour dates coming up very soon (in case you hadn't noticed, the Joggers have become one of my favorite bands in the past year). Also, it looks like the Joggers will be the opening act up for none other than Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks for a few of their shows.

Oh yeah, and SM&J have a brand new album coming on on Tuesday 3/4/08 (also known as Jr. Super Tuesday). The album is currently streaming on their myspace page.

I'd really love to see these two bands play together. I wonder if Malkmus sees a little bit of Pavement in the Joggers??

So far here are their list of dates so far. Make note of the ^

4/13/08 stay tuned
4/16/08 Salt Lake City, Ut Urban Lounge w/Enon
4/17/08 Denver, Co. Larimer Lounge w/Enon
4/18/08 Lawrence, Ks. Jackpot saloon
4/19/08 Conservatory,Oklahoma Citay,Ok
4/20/08 Austin, TX La Zona Rosa ^
4/21/08 Dallas, TX Granada Theatre ^
4/23/08 Albuquerque, NM Launchpad ^
4/24/08 Tuscon, AZ Plush^
4/26/08 TBA, La?
4/27/08 San Francisco, The Fillmore^
4/28/08 Sacramento, CA Harlow's ^
4/30/08 Eugene,OR WOW hall^
5/1/08 Portland, Wonder Ballroom^
5/2/08 Victoria, BC Sugar^
5/3/08 Vancouver, BC Richards on Richards ^

^ with Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

If that wasnt enough, the Joggers have two new great songs (rough mixes) on their myspace page, Joggers . "Talking at Keith" & "KnockKneed Heart"