Saturday, May 24, 2008

More Ratatat

A third song is available from the upcoming LP3, this is a great song. As i mentioned earlier, I like the first two songs posted on Thursday but Mirando is upbeat and much more of what i was expecting from Ratatat..

This song is streaming or available for download below

Also, Evan from Ratatat has created a video for this song. Predator and Arnold Schwarzennager rule!

Right Click, "Save Target As" to Download
Ratatat- Mirando.mp3

Thursday, May 22, 2008


A couple of new songs have been released for the 3rd upcoming Ratatat album, LP3.
These both actually came off of 7' vinyl

One song is titled Shiller and the second is the hawaiian themed Mahola.
I like both songs (Mahola a little more), but still feel both are just decent. I'm left wanting a little more and maybe thats what the Ratatats intended.

Both songs are Streaming in the the right. Listen and give some thoughts....

Here's the songs for LP3 (because looking at the song names is just like listening to it)

Falcon Jab
Mi Viejo
Bird Priest
Mumtaz Khan
Gipsy Threat
Black Heroes

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Band

The Band is one of those old groups that I really never was a big fan of, I always thought they were too old, no longer relevant to a hip young dude like me, and I thought i was more evolved than a band that would call themselves The Band. I never gave them a chance, just swept them under the rug and thought they were a Lynyrd Skynard knockoff, Bob Dylan backup musicians, or Allman Brothers revisited.

After watching Martin Scorsese's The Last Waltz I feel very foolish for thinking those things...

The songs i did know were their mega-hits like The Weight, Drove Old Dixie Down, and Cripple Creek and still dont know if I'll ever like those songs, but I do know I really like their less popular stuff...and it makes me realize why many consider them one of the most influential bands ever. My Morning Jacket and Wilco, to name a few could be considered descendants of this band (among many other great bands) .

I'm especially liking Don't Do It and The Shape I'm In (which are streaming in the box to the right).

Watch this video if you arent buying anything I'm saying....

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tough Talk

and this is tough too, but with a nice beat

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Laid back, well crafted, and breezy is my description of Pseudosix 2nd album (self titled).

This album came out August of 2007, but I've put off giving it a true listen until this weekend.
Its a little bit pop and a little dark too which makes for an intersting listen. Not sure why but this weekend it really came alive.

There a couple of songs streaming in the music box but you should listen to the album in its entirity here when / if you have time- LISTEN HERE

I recommend: Under the Waves (song 2), Apathy and Excess (Song 3), Fire vs. Flame (Song 9)

I love the album cover too Black, Red + a couple of untrusting Owls.