Sunday, June 12, 2011

Country Mice - Twister

Country Mice released their first full length album just a few short weeks ago and the reception has been very positive. While sitting under the stars during a warm summer night there are smells of bbq, pipe smoke and beer in the air, this album blends with these things perfectly.

It's an album that any true music fan is sure to enjoy whether you're in the thick of it in Brooklyn or in the middle of a wheat field in Western Kansas. This is something that's not easy for any album or band to accomplish, but for Jason, Ben, Kurt and Mike it appears effortless. Country Mice and Jason puts so much heart into these songs that it bleeds through the speakers. Buy the album, see them on tour this summer. You will walk away smiling.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Morning Jacket

I just got my paws on this album and I'm currently trying to soak it in. I have heard some negative / so so reviews (some even pertaining to this song). I heard this song yesterday on the radio (NPR / WBEZ) and I really really liked what I heard. That's one positive.

I am liking song #3 The Day is Coming. right now.