Monday, August 20, 2007

Planet of Ice

The new album from Minus the Bear came out yesterday. Gotta say it, MTB is one of my favorite bands out there. They became one of my most recent favorites after their 2005 album, Menos el Oso. I had a few songs from 2004's - They Make Beer Commercials Like This but something about Menos sparked something, it opened up something so fresh for me. They're heavy on the guitar taps and sequencing but they do it in very, very a beautiful way.

So, the new album?
I've listened to it several times and I LOVE it. But really, I enjoy most if not everything this band does. With Planet of Ice I think they took some chances and stepped out of their norm. Yes, this album has its share of mathmetical / tempo changing which is what they do well....but on this one they calmed things down a bit and even threw in a little of the "classic rockesque" guitar. Oh and by the way, I've never been a huge guitar guy but Dave Knudson to me sounds like he could be one of the most talented guitar players out there right now. Guitar folks, please tell me if I'm wrong there?

I really didnt know what songs to sample here, I chose Knights which has the familar sound and Dr. L Ling which is a little more guitar heavy. I think this new album will entice fans new and old. Check it (Snapping my fingers)

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Edward Foster said...

Who the hell is the montley crew in that photo.

A bunch of ugly asses.


Garrett said...

Why Ed,
That motley crew is none other than Minus the Bear. I dont think they're ugly people, maybe just a little sloppy w/ their clothes and hair.

They're a talented band. No one said their appearance had to meet a standard.

Shane said...

is this a 311 side project?

Shane said...

just tryin to get gar bear's briefs bunched, I've always enjoyed MTB. those two songs are all i've heard, but i honestly like their more mathmatical stacatto stylings.

morghan said...

i've never had the patience to sit down and listen to minus the bear, even with songs already downloaded. i'm not sure what the roadblock is, though it's definitely mental. maybe the name? sounds like southern emo instrumental.. like a reinterpretation of my morning jacket. i bet they were on the O.C.

Garrett said...

I bet you were on the OC

morghan said...

minus the bear is playing at the granada on 10/24 with helio sequence. helio sequence RULZ.

Garrett said...

Yes, i saw that yesterday. Helio Sequence is great!

RuegDog said...

I concur...Helio Sequence is great! They are like Modest Mouse meets The Starland Vocal Band.