Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

Could it be the album of the year? I'm not sure yet, but with only 5 months left in '07 it may be in consideration. Its been out for almost a month and I wasn't as pumped about the release as many long time fans were. I'm by no means a long time Spoon fan and didnt really get all the hype. I'm am now in the process of gathering their entire collection.

I was a fan of "The Underdog" on the new album (track 7) after the initial listen but the other songs just didnt jump out at me. Thats the Ipod hitmaker side of me to blame. Anyway, I finally listened to the entire album this weekend in honor of their Lollapalooza appearance (which I didnt make...btw Shane and Reuger I'm jealous) .

Back to "The Underdog" (track 7) this is very reminiscent of Sloan's "Everything you've done wrong" and maybe even a little Billy Joel-esque. Its got to be the horns on that song that do it for me. Great stuff. I also love the fact that this song is basically a Finger to the former label that dropped them years ago. Just a, nice reminder about how Elektra was more concerned with quick sales and big hits versus allowing the band to be creative and build their fan base.

The other songs I cant stop listening to are "You've got Yr. Cherry Bomb", "Don't you Evah", and "Finer Feelings". You've got Yr. Cherry Bomb also uses the horns ( I think there's even a damn Sax in there). This song has a Motown feel to it at times and I could'nt be happier.

"Don't you Evah" the following track starts with a great bassline followed by a lazy dangling, Sonic Youth-like guitar. Okay, enough with the name dropping.

Give the tracks below a listen if you'd like and start filling out your ballots for Best of '07. I'd like to see other nominees. Please share!

Right Click, and Save Target as to Download
Spoon - You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
Spoon - Don't You Evah


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Garrett said...

Camiseta personalizada,

If you dont have anything to add to the discussion we we will not look at your T-shirts.

RuegDog said...

Ah Spoon...where do you start. We'll for me it was my freshman year at Kansas at a packed show at the bottleneck. At the time they were supporting 'Kill the Moonlight' and the show was excellent. Once 'Gimme Fiction' was released, I was certain that this band was here to stay. With 'Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga' they once again solidify thier place in rock history. I believe they are on the track of Modest Mouse and the Greatful Dead (think 'Float On' and 'Truckin') in that they are one radio hit away from becoming a mainstream juggernaut...whether that be good or bad. Although 'Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga' is an excellent album, I have yet to add it to my favorites of the year. My list is as follows...

1. The White Stripes - Icky Thump
2. The Kings of Leon - Because of the Times
3. Neil Young - Live at Massey Hall
4. The Shins - Wincing the Night Away
5. TBD

Garrett said...

Thanks for sharing the memories.
As for my top 5-
The Shins are probably on the list for sure.
I also like
Wilco's new one
The Sea & Cake
Fourth of July
of course KOL..
there are so many others up for consideration.

morghan said...

5 for 2007:
patrick wolfe - the magic position
arcade fire - neon bible
white stripes - icky thump
ssion - fool's gold
klaxons - myths of the near future

kayne west's new one.. electrelane's new one if i had the patience to sit and listen to it..

i haven't listened to spoon since kill the moonlight and a few tracks from gimme fiction. sometimes i like them and sometimes they really seem to annoy the hell outta me. i think when they take their "cuteness" a little too far they make me want to listen to bone-crushing Jucifer. i think sometimes they are too good for their own good, if that makes any sense.

Garrett said...

You know, I may have fell into that trap too.

The more I think about it....I'm starting to regret the album of the year comment. I need to wait before I post things like that. Sometimes I let the newness of something grab hold of me, thats a fault of mine. Its good but I dont know if its truely my favorite album of the year. Thats a bold statement. Maybe I read one to many favorable reviews and let that influence me??

As I look back on other albums that I've liked this year that are still very strong on my playlist I'm starting to question what I said.

I'm now thinking about these: LCD Soundsystem
Maybe Deerhood gets a nod?
Blonde Redhead?
Ay Caramba

Shane said...

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Icky Thump
Wincing the night away
Because of the Times
Crane Wife

love the top 4, #5 was what's left that i like.

i love aquaduct too, but for shit's sake top 5?

Garrett said...

Maybe so man. I really, really like it. I dont know if it would make any top 5 lists but mine but I think its briiliant.

Whats with everybody giving the White Stripes album an "Adult Hug"?

morghan said...

one line sold me:
"kick yourself out 'cause you're an immigrant too."

Garrett said...

That is an excellent line, agreed.

Shane said...

morghan smells like candy but its that orange and black candy you get at halloween wrapped up in wax paper. eeewww gross.

morghan said...

haha. you dippy doo.