Monday, February 1, 2010


Yeasayer has been getting a lot of press since December when their album, Odd Blood, was leaked. the songs I heard streaming were cool and I liked them. However, I heard “O.N.E” over the weekend and I haven’t stopped doing the mamba ever since. It’s starting to get uncomfortable in the work place too. Seriously, you try telling your co-workers and boss you can’t stop doing the mamba at your desk because of a song that’s stuck in your head. Give it a listen and see what I mean (you can also download O.N.E. from Yeasayer website)…and also buy the album when it’s released next Tuesday (February 8th)

For those that laughed at the mamba joke there is a bonus song below titled- “Ambling Alp” which had been floating around the elusive blogosphere for a while. Listen to it as well.


Yeasayer- O.N.E
Yeasayer- Ambling Alp

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