Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Field Music

Field Music, who have been on hiatus since 2007 released a 3rd album last Tuesday, titled "Measure". So far it’s easily a stand up triple. Another perfect example of a "Stand Up Double" is the video of Kurtis Sanchez below...yep, its the game where Oak Grove DOMINATED Laguna. Never gets old seeing Laguna go down to OG.

Anyway, my point is that this album is really good. Its 20 tracks, 70 minutes and its quirky. Quirky in a good way, but difficult to describe. One song may start with beautiful spacey piano and end with complex percussion and string arrangements. So, I keep landing on quirky as a description. So many excellent tracks too, the Brewis brothers could have seperated this into two seperate excellent albums. Throughout the album I hear flashes of Beta Band, pinches of Super Furry Animals, and even a sliver Steely Dan on occaison. Field Music + Sanchez = Field of Dreams

Field Music-Measure
Field Music- Them That Do Nothing
Field Music- Clearwater

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