Saturday, January 30, 2010

Phoenix (Acoustic)

Phoenix released several acoustic tracks from a recent live performance for German magazine Musikexpress. Some pretty interesting sounds are brought to life when these songs are performed unplugged and at first it was a little hard to get used to for the first minute or so, but now I'm liking it. It just shows these four guys are good in any format. There are three songs below and one is a cover (a Bob Dylan Cover in fact) compliments of Pitchfork. I've got to say, its a very good cover....only about half as long as the actual Dylan song, but I think it still keeps the integrity of the song in place. The second song is from their 2009 hit album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix , which was one of my favorites albums of 2009 and it's also up for a Grammy tonight. The final song is from Phoenix's 2006 album It's Never Been Like that which is also a very, very good record.

Take a listen below and lets hope they take a grammy back home to France. Eh hau hua hua (that's my typed version of a really good French impersonation..) Okay, Au revoir.

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