Thursday, August 20, 2009

Holiday Shores

What do you think of when you hear Holiday Shores? Do you think of sandy beaches along a Northeastern coastline? Do you think of 50's style bathing suits or a boardwalk with roller coasters? Are there Beach Balls and images of coneys floating in your head? Maybe Cape Cod or a small beach community in Maine.

These are the things i used to think. But now when i hear the name Holiday Shores I think of of a jangly poppy guitar with distorted 60's style keys. I think of worry free timing and rough yet easy listening vocals. However, I will always continue to follow-up these thoughts with coneys.

This 5 piece band calls Tallahassee, FL home which was somewhat surprising when I first read just because no other band that I recall was from Tallahassee, but really good music can come from anywhere. Their new 10 track album "Columbus'd the Whim" was released on August, 4th. At times its a very familiar sound, but its also not really directly comparable to another band either. As mentioned above the style is reminiscent of the 60's low fidelity type of sound. I would definitely encourage people to buy this album. I can easily see this being on some "best of '09" lists.
The summer is still among us for at least a few more weeks, so relax, flip on the bbq and enjoy the remaining sunny days while you can with the Holiday Shores.

Below are three songs off the new album which you can stream. Listen and remember to purchase. available via Itunes.


Brady said...

Wasn't Limp Bizkit from Tallahassee? Or maybe it was Jacksonville... I guess there's more than alligators, sand, rednecks and Mitsubishi Eclipses in FL.

Garrett Sorrels said...

anyone who knows anything about music and my man Durst knows LB is from JAX. Thats like saying 311 is from Lincoln.

Shanenor said...

loved the new post more than the new music. keep on swinging.