Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grizzly Bear meets Michael McDonald

I love Pizza and I love wedding cake. I could potentially eat pizza daily if forced to and I probably like wedding cake more than most folks. I often think about wedding cake for dessert even when weddings are not anywhere in the near future. I also love Nachos and I love Crème Brulee, I sometimes think about making a monster plate of nachos (using an entire bag of chips) at my house while I watch TV, and at other times I think about being able to make a delicious Crème Brulee, with the crusty burnt coating on top. I currently do not own one of those little torches, but will put on my "to purchase list".
I could carry on all day about my favorite entrees vs. desserts….

Here is the thing; I like these things completely separate from one another. I don’t like my wedding cake icing on top of my pizza. I don’t want to dip my nachos in my crème brulee. For one, my chip would not be able to penetrate that crispy carmel coating, but mainly it’s because I don’t like the combination of the two tastes together. It’s unsettling, its awkward, and I dont think those tastes belong together (Kettle corn on the other hand is a completely different story)

The unsettling taste of mixing salty and sweet foods together is how I feel about Michael McDonald singing with Grizzly Bear on “While You Wait for the Others” from 2009’s Veckatimest. Those that know me know I have a strange love for Michael McDonald. Part of it is probably some reminiscence of my childhood, but the other part is pure enjoyment. I even listed McDonald's “Sweet Freedom” as my favorite song from 1986. Some find his voice painful and nothing short of music only to be played when riding an elevator, but I truly do find pleasure in his work.

Grizzly Bear, in my opinion, has released one of the best albums of the year. I cannot get enough of them. When I heard McDonald was singing this song I thought it was a joke, but then I purchased the EP and sure enough, it’s the real McDonald. I have to give it a few more listens to see where I will finally land on this. Either way I can say I applaud GB for going for it and experimenting with such a genre opposite artist.

Next, I want to hear Grizzly Bear cover Sweet Freedom or maybe a Genesis song…say “No Reply at All” off of Abacab.

Here is the song for streaming pleasure -
Grizzly Bear - While You Wait for the Others feat. Michael McDonald.mp3
Also, a Grizzly Bear (sans Polar Bear) -
Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks
And a McDonald (without Grizzly Bear) -
Michael McDonald - Sweet Freedom.mp3


Jason Rueger said...

Amazing! Wedding Cake and collaborations are so underrated

Shanenor said...

You know I was against this entire scenario from the beginning, but I gave it a real listen and I have to say....it's freaking terrible. Really loved the write-up, though.

Brady said...

There. I read it.

Brady said...

Ok, ok. Just kidding. I like Michael McDonald about as much as I like having sex with men. I might give it a try if I'm really wasted and not sure what's happening, but once it hits me I'm running for the door right as the big black man slaps me on the butt and asks, "how's that ass doing?"

I don't get the huge deal over Grizzly Bear either. Saw them at Pitchfork and they didn't do much for me. But these days I'm trading electronic frequencies over guitar riffs, so it could just be bad timing.

Collaborations aren't a bad thing, depending on who's involved. It sounds like McDonald kind of fits with this one given the deep and somewhat dark sound of Grizzly Bear. But I think it's a risk when Grizzly Bear invites an artist so far from their genre (as you stated).

And I would definitely eat nachos the side of my head with a huge side of melted cheese. It'd be sooooooo good.

Ronnie Rocket said...

This track goes down well with pizza with ice cream on top! http://www.realvj.com/2009/09/safri-duo-michael-mcdonald-sweet.html

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