Saturday, August 1, 2009

We Are Country Mice

We are Country Mice formed in Brooklyn just a very short time ago, but hearing WACM perform live you would think they've been playing and writing together for years.  Last night I had the pleasure of seeing WACM in Kansas City (Davey's Uptown) which was their 2nd stop of their midwest tour.  Not that any band should be described, but  here I go...I would say they're classic rock & roll meets a rodeo.  Or Imagine Neil Young bumping into Wayne Coyne at a bbq joint, followed by a hug, a slab of ribs, ice cold margaritas under the stars on a park bench out back.   However, just typing a bbq situation or Rock & Roll meets a Rodeo isn't fair, because they're much more than those things.  They have something all of their own which needs to be seen and heard individually to grasp.  

I should also say, I not only had pleasure of getting to watch a great band, but I was also lucky enough to hang out with who I consider two very good friends and experience them doing something they love and do very well.  

I will continue to post about WACM as they continue to play and create.   

We are Country Mice have 7" titled "Make Your Own Damn Fun" available through Insound, but copies are limited.  Purchase HERE

AND, For any music lovers in Chicago this evening.  Check WACM out at Cals.

Then Sunday they will be in Madison, WI at the Frequency.

After that they will be back home in NY and will be the a resident band at Pianos each Thursday night for the month of September

You can listen to both songs at their myspace page.  And of the two songs is available here for your listening pleasure. 

Ballad of John.  

We Are Country Mice - Ballad of John (mp3)

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