Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our Love to Admire

Interpol's new album came out this Tuesday, I've been anticipating this one for a while. Some folks like 'em, some say they're Joy Division rip-offs. I dig it.

Yesterday, I had a chance to listen to the album in its entirety. So far, I like it. Its not a giant stretch from their last two albums but from my first couple of listens I will say its just as good as the first album. Their second effort Antics was okay but it just lacked the energy of the Turn on the Bright Lights. Of course, there are great songs on Antics but the album as a whole didnt do much for me.

Vocals on the new album sound better than ever (hell, I even like the album artwork better- see above). The pressure is off on this one, and it seems like they found their focus again. The final song is one worth mentioning and listening too. It sounds like an electric Mariachi guitar on top of a guy singing his heart out. Its a cool song and a great ending. Our Love to Admire sounds best when you listen all the way through. The flow from song to song is excellent.

Its ironic. I'm saying "Its one of those album to listen all the way through" and yet I post singles to download. Hopefully they're good representations of the album. Go buy it.

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Interpol- Rest My Chemistry MP3
Interpol- Scale MP3
Interpol- Lighthouse MP3


RuegDog said...

You've always got to give praise when an album transitions from song to song well..this is a hard thing to do. One of the most recognizable and best executed examples of this is on Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon', its unbelievable how well the album flows and peaks.

I too agree that 'The Lighthouse' is a great ending to the album. Its the perfect palette cleanser at the end of the spicy tuna roll that is 'Our Love to Admire'.

Garrett said...

Yes! I love the palette cleanser reference. Thats an amazing way to describe it. Did you agree with it being a Mariachi type guitar? Was I off on that?

RuegDog said...

Yes I agree that its like a Mariachi type guitar. I like to think if Esteban and Lou Reed got together, this is the song they would have written.