Friday, July 20, 2007

I need something. There it is, The Clientele

I havent listened to much of anything this week, just havent set aside any time to do so.

Although, yesterday on my drive home from work I came across The Clientele on my Ipod. Man, I like these guys. Its great pop music and every listen for me is a guaranteed smile. I've only listened to 2005 Strange Geometry and the most recent God Save The Clientele but both are very very good.

Heres how I'd describe them, breathy vocals, strumming 60's reverb guitar, pop beats, and complex string arrangements in the back ground. That description doesnt sound fun at all.
Really though give them a listen if you havent heard them before. I think anyone would like these guys, even my mom would.

Also, and dont let the fact that they have a song in the movie- The Lake House turn you off.
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RuegDog said...

Great Stuff! When I hear the Clientele, I think of an epic marriage of Television and The Guess Who. Guess where they are honeymooning?...Clientele Island!

Garrett said...

I love the analogies, lets keep em' coming.