Thursday, September 6, 2007


I love finding something unexpected that takes you by surpsise. Its a Breath of Fresh Air. for a few moments I feel like I've uncovered something know one else knows about. Then, minutes later I remember its not 1999. Nowadays, the second any artist releases an MP3 the entire album has been leaked, people have already reviewed the album, and its old news. Many of the music blogs I (admitedly) visit are like this.

I'm over the constant knowing of bands that arent known by anyone yet. It becomes more of a quanity vs. quality thing. That, and I have less free time than I used to. I've been trying to only focus on stuff that actually make my ears light up.

Last night I came across a band I'd never heard of via myspace. Its the Joggers. What grabbed my attention was the intricate guitar but the way they're were able to keep an upbeat, poppy sound.

I'm sure you can tell by these pics?

Give these songs a listen. The first is off their latest album (2005) With a Cape and a Cane. The second is a Yes cover. The third is a live song that I dont know the name of.

Joggers: White Madam.mp3

Joggers: Long Distance Runaround.mp3

Joggers: New Song (Live).mp3


morghan said...

very interesting (??) (grotesque) take on "fresh air".. i like.

Garrett said...

That pic is actually a patent for a fresh-air breathing device.