Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tennis - Young and Old

The new Tennis album is better than Cape Dory. The 2010 release was great and came with a slew of other similar 60ish beach style guitar bands (which I enjoy), but with "Young and Old" its seems the duo made a conscious effort to open things up while maintaining their nostalgic, airy roots. The first track on Young and Old "All feels the Same" is one of the bands first ever written songs but has transformed into a powerful opener that sets the tone of the bands looser feel. When you hit play the first 1:45 starts off right where Cape Dory left off, but the song becomes much more aggressive and its perfect. The second song "Origins" is the single for Young and Old and many have been enjoying this release for several months now. Another interesting song that could potentially be heard at da clubs this summer is track 5, "Petition". Definitely a great pop song and another slight change for Tennis. Okay, so without further comes my play on words joke:

"I LOVE this album!"

Buy the album mid-February.

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Christine said...

I really like Tennis