Friday, September 3, 2010

The Nerves

The Nerves are a band that were not together for very long at all. I was familiar with the name of the group and had heard that even with their short tenure as a band they were very talented and had also heard they were influential in many respects. It wasn't until this week that I discovered these claims for myself. The group was comprised of Peter Case, Jack Lee and Paul Collins (Paul Collins Beat).

This group initially only released 4 songs and then a second release of The Breakaways, this as an album of post-Nerves recordings made by Paul Collins and Peter Case prior to the formation of Collins' group The Beat.

Its poppy, a little reminiscent of The Jam or some of the other pop / punk bands from the late 70s early 80s. Despite lumping them into a giant pool like this...I think The Nerves were maybe a few years ahead of their time. Either way, all four of these songs are fun, timeless, and I'm glad I found them.

you can hear all 4 from their EP HERE

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BradyK said...

Good find, Gare. Never heard of these guys, but I definitely like what I'm hearing and agree that these guys were ahead of their time. Do you have this EP in MP3 format you could send me?