Saturday, April 18, 2009

Deep Sea Diver

I've been wanting to post a few songs from this group out of Southern California, Deep Sea Diver. The group is led by Jessica Dobson (who played guitar in Beck's Modern Guilt tour). Jessica pictured above.

I saw Beck play at the Uptown theatre in Kansas City last Fall and wondered who the talented guitar / backup singer might be. I was happy to discover she had her own group out of Long Beach who i like oh so much. The EP is excellent and I cant wait to hear the full length.

Listen to New Caves and Hangin' On.
The Full EP is available via Pay Pal at the Deep Sea Diver MySpace Page

Deep Sea Diver- New Caves.mp3

Deep Sea Diver- Hangin' On.mp3


CeeGees said...

She is freaking awesome! Thanks for the find GareBear.

Garrett said...

Thanks CeeGees!
She's very good. I'll be happy to hear the full length album.