Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The French pop indie rockers are at it again, the band I speak of is Phoenix. Their new album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is scheduled for a May release but almost the entire album has been leaked and can be found on almost any music blog. I'm a fan of Phoenix. I always know what I'm in for with them...its poppy, happy, pretty songs. Timeless summertime rock, is what i like to call it.

I liked their first album United, I was luke warm with Alphabetical, but really liked 2006's It's Never Been Like That and have been anticipating a new release by these Frenchies....oh side note, the lead singer is married to Sofia Coppola (The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette)....that seems to be a point of reference you'll find on all the other blogs. Phoenix did some work with Air which did the score for Sofia's first movie....i wonder if thats how they met?

The current Track listing is below.

"Lisztomania" (4:01)
"1901" (3:13)
"Fences" (3:43)
"Love Like a Sunset" (7:30)
"Lasso" (2:47)
"Rome" (4:37)
"Countdown" (3:55)
"Girlfriend" (3:24)
"Armistice" (3:04)

Here are two songs from the new album that i really enjoy and remember who coined the phrase Timeless summertime rock...
Phoenix- 1901.mp3

Phoenix- Armistace.mp3


Shanenor said...

sofia Coppola, also the namesake for the world's only canned champagne

Shanenor said...

also, jeez'm lord mercy, i like pheonix a lot.

John said...

Holy moly Gare Bear, I love me some Phoenix! I haven't heard of them before your post. They remind me a little bit of a Pinback and Rogue Wave mix, but kick way more ass. And they're set to be on SNL April 4th...

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