Monday, December 10, 2007

The Kevin Costners

First off, its their real name.

Second, they're pretty good.

The Kevin Costners hail from North France (i believe) and they have been together since 2004. You can tell by listening to just "We Ain't Steve Vai" that these guys are doing what they love. They remind me (a little bit) of a poppier "Super Furry Animals" for some reason. I think its the guitar.

From what I've read, they should possibly have their first album out by late January of 2008.

Give them a listen, at least give the first track a listen. Good stuff.
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Sjors said...

Album The Kevin Costners is out on june 2nd on Excelsior Recordings. Have fun and cheers,
The Kevin Costners

Garrett said...

thanks for the comment Sjors. Wish I would have seen this sooner.
Going to give this a listen immediately.