Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Return of The Rentals....literally.

I read a few weeks ago The Rentals had been recording a new album but I didnt put too much thought into it, I'm not sure why. I just kind of figured it would unravel and be an unfinished project....(negative nancy).

Well, I was wrong. This morning, after my morning cofee I visited their website and found out an EP will be available August 14th but digital release sais June 26th on The new song "The Last Romantic Day" is streaming here

I enjoy this track. It starts off sounding a little David Byrnish and then seems to pick up where Seven More Minutes left off
This should give fans of The Rentals something to look forward to. Its been a while.


CareShare Network said...

The Rentals are back!

Garrett said...

Yes Careshare.
It will be interesting to hear.

Thanks for visiting! You are my first commentor. :)